Author’s Advocates for Full and short Papers

Author who can factually (not based on opinion) prove that some reviewers’ comments are wrong or clearly below average quality, are welcome to contact the IEEE IREHI17 Author’s Advocates Prof. L. Alfredo Grieco and Prof. Gunnar Teege.

Please, provide following information to

  • Paper ID
  • Paper title
  • Reviewers’ comments (precise what is wrong and provide your scientific arguments)
  • A copy of the paper

The advocates can request an expert in the field for a new review if the authors’ arguments are plausible.

L. Alfredo Grieco received the Dr. Eng. degree (with honors) in electronic engineering from “Politecnico di Bari,” Bari, Italy, in October 1999 and the Ph.D. degree in information engineering from “Università di Lecce,” Lecce, Italy, on December 2003. From January 2005 to October 2014, he held an Assistant Professor position at the “Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e dell’Informazione, Politecnico di Bari”. From March to June 2009, he has been a Visiting Researcher with INRIA (Planete Project, Sophia Antipolis, France), working on the topic of Internet measurements. From October to November 2013, he has been a Visiting Researcher with LAAS-CNRS (Toulouse, France) working on Information Centric Networking design of M2M systems. From November 2014, he holds an Associate Professor position in Telecommunications at Politecnico di Bari (DEI). He authored more than 100 scientific papers published in international journals and conference proceedings of great renown that gained more than 2000 citations. His main research interests include congestion control in packet-switching networks, quality of service in wireless networks, Internet multimedia applications, Internet of Things, Information Centric Networking, and Internet measurements. He serves as Editor in Chief of the Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies (Wiley) and as associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology (for which he has been awarded as top associate editor in 2012). He has been constantly involved as member of the Technical Program Comittees of many prestigious IEEE conferences. Within the Internet Engineering Task Force (Internet Research Task Force), he is contributing (as author of RFC 7554) new standard protocols for industrial IoT applications based on the IEEE 802.15.4e Time Slotted Channel Hopping (new standard architectures for tomorrow ICN-IoT systems). Starting from 2016 he is a Distinguished Lecturer for the IEEE VTS
Gunnar Teege has studied Computer Science at the Technische Universität München. Since 2001 he is Professor for Distributed Systems at the Universität der Bundeswehr München. His specific interests are distributed mobile communication systems and their applications in the military context, for geographic data management and use, and in the context of health systems.